Australia Day Awards

There are various awards for Australia Day, and awards that are associated with Australia Day. Find out more about:

  • Citizen of the Year Award
  • Aussie of the Month
  • Australia Day Achievement Medallions
  • Australian of the Year Awards
  • Australia Day Honours and Order of Australia

Citizen of the Year

The Citizen of the Year Award is predominantly run by local government across the states of Australia. Broadly, it is a program rewarding community service at a local level and is administered through a nomination program, which is assessed by a local selection committee and/or Councillors, and Awards in the form or certificates and prizes are awarded at official Australia Day functions.

Award categories may include: Citizen of the Year, Sportsperson of the Year, Senior Citizen of the Year, Student of the Year - this is determined by the administering local government organisation.

In New South Wales the state Australia Day Council (the Australia Day Council of New South Wales) provides information for New South Wales local governments on administering a Citizen of the Year Program as well as providing 'official' Citizen of the Year certificates. Go to:

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Generic Australia Day Certificate

A generic Australia Day certificate that could be tailored for your Citizen of the Year program is available for download.

The Northern Territory Australia Day Council also coordinate a student citizen award.

Although the Citizen of the Year program is quite devolved (ie, not coordinated by state and territory or the national Australia Day organisations, other than in NSW), it is a very important part of many Australia Day celebrations and generates great community and local media interest.

You should directly contact your local government organisation to see if it runs a Citizen of the Year Program.

Aussie of the Month

The Aussie of the Month program is an encouragement and recognition program for primary school students. It is currently run throughout the school year in Tasmania, Western Australia and Victoria. It is free.

Primary schools order Aussie of the Month certificates and gifts from their relevant state Australia Day organisation. Primary schools award the certificate to a student monthly based on their own criteria, for example best behaviour or most improved.

See these websites for more information:

Australia Day Tasmania

Australia Day Committee (Victoria)

Australia Day Council of Western Australia

Australia Day Achievement Medallions

The Australia Day Achievement Medallion is an inspiring way to acknowledge the contribution to the nation of individuals or teams in the public service.

The Australia Day Achievement Medallion and certificate program is administered by the National Australia Day Council.

Australia Day Achievement Medallions provide government departments and agencies with the opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of their staff for outstanding performance of special projects or in performance of their core duties.

Australia Day Medallions are reserved for the highest level of recognition for staff and are particularly relevant when presented in the lead up to Australia Day, 26 January.

Click here for more information.

The Australian of the Year Awards

The Australian of the Year Awards are Australia's pre-eminent Award for recognition of leadership, vision, and the embodiment of great Australian values. They are Australians who make us proud.

There are four categories: Australian of the Year, Young Australian of the Year, Senior Australian of the Year and Australia's Local Hero.

The Australian of the Year Awards - which are administered by the National Australia Day Council and sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank - are set apart by the public nomination process: any one can nominate Australia's next Australian of the Year.

To nominate an Australian who makes you proud, visit

Australia Day Honours and Order of Australia

On Australia Day and the Queen's Birthday holiday the Australian Government awards Australians who have contributed significantly to the Australian community with a range of Australian Honours.

This program is not administered by the Australia Day national network organisations (state and territory Australia Day Councils and Committees or the National Australia Day Council).

For more information and to nominate go to:

Or contact:

Order of Australia
Government House
1800 552 275