Local community events are integral to the success of Australia Day - our largest national day of celebration.

The Australia Day National Network is committed to resourcing community event organisers to help them deliver successful events and enhance their local celebrations.

In consultation with local Australia Day event organisers across the nation, the Australia Day Toolkit has been produced to provide community event organisers with relevant and useful tools and resources to enhance their events.

The Toolkit promotes the delivery of meaningful, inclusive events and encourages a greater connectivity and alignment of celebrations across the states and territories.

The Toolkit doesn’t purport to tell you how to run your event or dictate what your celebrations should consist of. Rather, it is designed to inspire and encourage users by providing comprehensive materials to guide you through all stages of your event, from brainstorming and planning through to delivery and evaluation.

Whether you are an experienced event organiser or planning an Australia Day community event for the first time, the Toolkit is your one-stop-shop!

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, email us:

The Australia Day Toolkit is a collation of information that has been offered by each state and territory Australia Day organisation and the National Australia Day Council to local community organising committees.