We live in communities which are continually evolving, just as we live in a country which is in a continual state of change and modification. Whether it's the economic, cultural, social or environmental landscape, a look at snapshots from the past can show us just how things have changed.


When you’re planning your Australia Day events, it’s a good idea to have a look at your community.  Understanding your local community, and how it might be changing, to assist in planning new, relevant events and programs for your Australia Day celebrations.


The importance of getting to know your local community

Australia Day events are created and designed with local communities firmly in mind. They are the outcome of local community energies, support from national, state and territory Australia Day councils, and support from local organisations, businesses, residents.


Local Australia Day organisations and committees are made up of local residents who know their region. However, looking afresh at community resources and functions can identify new paths and avenues to explore in the overall objective of celebrating our pride in Australia and being Australian.


By using the below guide additional insights that could be identified include:

  • Groups that might be interested in becoming involved in celebrations and events
  • Groups (including leaders and decision makers) that could be invited to talk to organisers about what they would like and value
  • Sources of support that have not been previously recognised
  • Community leaders, potential sources of volunteer and participant contributions
  • Underutilised resources in the community


Questions to guide discussion around the eight components of a local community.docx [Word Document, 14.23 KB]