Our Objective
Strengthening and protecting the Australia Day brand is a unanimous objective of the Australia Day National Network. The development, agreement and implementation of these Australia Day Brand Guidelines—by the National Network—is critical to this goal.

Logos and branding

Using the Australia Day logo in accordance with the style guide helps to ensure its value and integrity. It clearly promotes your event as part of a state-wide and national celebration. For additional information please refer to the style guide.

A Consistent Message

Consistent language builds a brand and becomes part of the national picture of Australia Day. These are the key messages agreed to by the Australian Nation Network to be used across all materials.

  • Let’s celebrate all the great things about Australia and being Australian. For example our people, land, diversity, sense of fair go, lifestyle, democracy and the freedoms we all enjoy
  • Australia Day is a day to reflect on our national journey: acknowledge our past, rejoice in the present and look confidently to our future
  • On Australia Day let’s recommit to making Australia an even better place
  • Australia Day is a day for all Australians – whatever their background. Our multicultural nation, and our acceptance of diversity, is one of the things that makes Australia great.