The Citizen of the Year Award is predominately run by local government across the states of Australia. Broadly, it is a program rewarding community service at a local level and is administered through a nomination program, which is assessed by a local selection committee and/or Councillors, and Awards in the form or certificates and prizes are awarded at official Australia Day functions.


Award categories may include:

  • Citizen of the Year
  • Sportsperson of the Year
  • Senior Citizen of the Year
  • Student of the Year - this is determined by the administering local government organisation.


In New South Wales the state Australia Day Council (the Australia Day Council of New South Wales) provides information for New South Wales local governments on administering a Citizen of the Year Program as well as providing 'official' Citizen of the Year certificates. Go to:


You should directly contact your local government organisation to see if it runs a Citizen of the Year Program.