The Australian Citizenship Affirmation can be included as part of every citizenship ceremony and gives the whole community the opportunity to affirm their loyalty to Australia and its people. It’s a wonderful way to bring the whole community together to celebrate our values on Australia Day.

The Affirmation can also be included at other events to help people articulate or learn about our shared Australian values, such as at school assemblies or workplace events.

All the resources and information you need to include the Affirmation are sent to you free of charge, so why not include the Affirmation in your next event? Visit

The Affirmation reads:

As an Australian citizen,

I affirm my loyalty to Australia and its people,

whose democratic beliefs I share

whose rights and liberties I respect,

and whose laws I uphold and obey.

Helpful tips:

  • The Affirmation Ceremony should be foreshadowed at the beginning of the function or Citizenship Ceremony to allow those present to consider whether they wish to participate.
  • It should be made clear that participation is voluntary and that recitation of the affirmation has no legal effect.
  • An Australian citizenship affirmation ceremony must be led by an Australian citizen
  • Australian citizenship affirmation cards with the words of the affirmation should be placed on seats or handed to guests as they arrive (available for order, free of charge) 


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