NADC Education Resources

The National Australia Day Council (NADC) has developed the following education resources to support and promote active citizenship with young Australians. The resources connect both the Australian of the Year Awards and Australia Day activities in an engaging format that is easy for teachers to use.

The resources target three broad age levels with each focussing on a different student inquiry focus.

School Hero - Years 3 to 6 

Inquiry Focus: Active Citizenship

At a Glance: 

• What makes an Australian of the Year candidate?
• What do these people demonstrate about being an Australian citizen?

NADC_School_Hero_Press.pdf [PDF Document, 461.42 KB]

Australia Day Celebrations - Years 5 to 7

Inquiry Focus: National Identity 

At a Glance: 

What do Australia Day celebrations, Citizenship Ceremonies and pledges and the Australian of the Year Awards tell us about
our sense of ourselves as Australians?

NADC_Australia_Day_Celebrations_Press.pdf [PDF Document, 407.19 KB]

Exploring Australian of the Year Awards - Years 7 to 8

Inquiry Focus: Diversity and Cohesion 

At a Glance: 

What do the Australian of the Year Awards say about a changing and diverse Australia? 

NADC_Australia_Day_Exploring_Awards_Press.pdf [PDF Document, 379.86 KB]