The NADC is pleased to provide a new digital education activity, the Aussie Clue Cracker which explores 24 national days, weeks, symbols and emblems. In using the Clue Cracker, we hope that students across Australia grow their understanding of how our current symbols have been shaped by our history, and how our symbols evolve over time. 

We are delighted to publish this resource so that young Australians can learn more about their history, and in so doing shape our future. This resource also addresses the Community and Remembrance section of the History Curriculum for Year 3.

Launch the Aussie Clue Cracker (requires Flash plug-in to run).

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Caution: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are warned that this education resource may contain images of deceased people.

In addition to this recource we have developed a Teachers Guide and 10 additional learning activities.

Teachers guide

Activity 1:

Explore what Australia Day means and how this has changed over time – what might Australia Day look like in the future?

Activity 2:

Indigenous symbols in Australia – why these are important to all Australians

Activity 3:

The National Coat of Arms and State/Territory Coats of Arms – their place and importance as Australian symbols

Activity 4:

Make your own AUSTRALIAN CITIZENSHIP AFFIRMATION, customise and publish it

Activity 5:

Create your own symbol/emblem of what it means to you to be Australian

Activity 6:

Create your own Australian postcard – an image of my Australian view from my window

Activity 7:

The place of song and poetry as icons of what it means to be Australian

Activity 8:

Create your own digital story

Activity 9:

A futuristic Australian symbol

Activity 10:

Plan your own Australia Day (or NAIDOC Week, Affirmation Ceremony or other) celebration or commemoration